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Attractions in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The Wank

The mountain 'Wank'

Wank is the local mountain of the district Partenkirchen. More than 1000 m above the place it is a popular tourist destination. Especially in the summer when the mountain is completely free of snow, you can hike around it on a large number of hiking trails or climb. The trails are usually well passable. A cable car takes visitors in the summer in a few minutes on the summit. There you can have a panoramic overlook to the mountainous surroundings and the pre-Alpine landscape without significant differences in height. Different paths invite you to wander through the charming Ester Mountains.


The mountain 'Alpspitze'

A very popular excursion and hiking destination near Garmisch is top corner. Whether you have taken after about 3 hours Bergan-walking or comfortable with the Kreuzeckgruppe cable car to the mountain. Wonderful it is here above all.

There is also a pleasant round trip option: Take the Alpspitzbahn (Osterfelderkopf railway) up. You may visit the AlpspiX lookout. Then you run or go to the next cable car down to the mountain pasture. After a stop in the middle of the mountains are also just a 20 minute walk the Kreuzeckbahn that allows you, if you do not walk down the preferred, can shut down to your starting point.


The 'Bockhütte'

Great hikes, first without steep climbs, in the midst of a romantic nature, you can enjoy in Reintal. Whether you have achieved through the wild and romantic Partnachklamm or on the height Roads Partnachtal, in any case, you will go through wooded valley landscape with towering mountains to you, for example, the Bockhütte have achieved. From there you can further huts where you can stay, dare the way to the Zugspitze.

Check with mountain tours ever before the Information Office or at the Alpine Club of necessary equipment, physical conditions and current weather conditions.

We wish, however, that our guests can experience the Alps Holiday healthy!

Information about leisure activities in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen can be found on the homepage of the ATLAS Post Hotel Garmisch-Partenkirchen.